Brian Houston lies about the bible to sell his book

Hillsong Churchs leader Brian Houston has lied on  Television  in an effort to sell a few more books.

While selling his book “Money” he quotes from the bible saying “why does the bible say let the poor say I am rich”

These  words came out of a Hillsong song called “Let the weak say I am strong ” which was stolen from a poem called “Give Thanks” by Henry Smith

When you cant trust the leader to tell the truth how can you trust them with your soul.


33 Responses to “Brian Houston lies about the bible to sell his book”

  1. Looking for the original audio file of naomi johnson talking on radio. It appears to have been removed from the radios website. I note that its in one of your youtube videos

  2. if you really don’t like hillsong church, then don’t waste your life slandering them.
    you seem bright, focus on something you like.

    jesus loves you 🙂

    • beware of wolves in sheep clothing

    • Tony Dean Says:

      How completely arrogant!. So just move on?… nothing to see here?.. just allow them and those like them to CONTINUE extorting money from people, and more importantly to continue leading unsuspecting, deceived souls down the wide road to perdition? Are you serious lynds? You are in favour of allowing their deception to continue? Focus on something else? Look the other way? Turn a blind eye? Do you have any idea how evil such a concept is? Whether you realise it or not lynds, you are aiding and abetting in their crime – and that is what it is – and you will, if you continue without repentance, share also in its judgement.

      In Christ.

      • Mike Regan Says:

        Tony… amen. A word of advice though, don’t try to convert blind sheep to the truth. They are blind for reason. You are obviously not blind and appear to have insight (a blessing from God), just let the blind lead the blind as blind sheep (meaning their hearts are partially in the right place) and let the real sheep hear His voice. These things must happen mate, to separate the wheat from the chaff.

  3. Reuben Smith Says:

    The church is promised spiritual blessings in Christ not money blessing. Having money is not an evidence of a good christian walk. Many non christians and false christian organsiations have plenty of money. God requires obedience for blessing. Thats what Jesus loves. The bible does say that if we obey and trust God we will always have enough, not only for ourselves but also to help others. That is a beautful promise unlike the Devils lie that you lots of money to help God, perpertrated by Brian Houston. That kind of teaching whether he says so or not leads to the love of money and a false idea of what walking in obedience is.
    I would urge any one who believe this prosperity doctrine to examine your heart and see why you are buying into it. Truely dear believers put your faith in Christ and your hope in eternity.

    • Mike Regan Says:

      Amen. Jesus gave us the Beatitudes to help us reach the Kingdom of God (or Heaven as some call it), but where may I ask is it written… Blessed are the wealthy/rich, for they will…. ? Get a grip poor blind sheep who are drawn into such doctrines of devils because of their love for money. Does anyone here sincerely believe Brian is promulgating such evil because he really believes it is right? Even in his own heart he may believe so, but this is because his heart is still stained with…. the love of money. If God truly wanted us all to be wealthy as Brian teaches, then we would have been born that way… no God knows that wealth stands in the way of spiritual success and is also why Jesus uses the words meek, poor in spirit, humble. How can we possibly achieve spiritual perfect as the bible teaches when we are confronted with such stumbling blocks as money and possessions. Just look at Solomon… Brian is going down the same path I believe. Common guys, this calls for wisdom and discernment. Pray for it without ceasing and you will remove the log in your eye.

  4. They are all liars and thieves, they are constantly shown up by their fake miracles, their lying gospel of greed, their anti-Christian life-styles based on sex and materialism. What a bunch of liars AoG leaders laying hands on Tod Bentley and blessing him for his wonderful work in God, Mike Gugliamucci, so much for Brian Houston’s spiritual discernment… running round the world thinking they are important – what a bunch of charlatans. Recently left my money grubbing tithe till you drop church for a better place.

  5. Hmm, the whole “let the weak say ‘I am strong'” isn’t stolen from the hymn, THAT is in the Bible in Joel 3:10, but the ‘Let the poor say “I am rich'” is NOT, that is from a hymn and not from the Bible, definitely a liar.

    Andy Taylor, please don’t go saying they are ALL liars and thieves etc, the majority probably are but you really shouldn’t generalise brother, gotta be careful with that.

  6. Hi all,
    i’m very happy when I found this site. The banner “There is money in Jesus” seems to be the answer to my prayer. It’s a confirmation from God. But this site articles contain bitterness and a bias of a group of people. This is very an unfortunate situation for them. If you are discouraged by reading the articles on this site, please ask Holy Spirit for guidance. Please be courages. Don’t set your eyes on people and don’t just trust on media as it can be manipulative.

    I’m not a fan of Brian or Bobbie Houston nor their Hillsong brand. If Illuminaty (secret society/satan worshippers that want to destory Jesus churches) can sponsor a lot of major catastrophic events, conspiracies and give material wealth to most of secular politicians, businessman, drug dealers and etc. Why not for people who sacrifies a lot for the work of Jesus’s Kingdom on earth?. Also, God promises in Isaiah 1:19 says “If you are willing and obedient, you will eat the best from the land”.
    Media criticises Christians when they become successful. Why? because media is used by illuminaty indirectly.

    So, please don’t be discouraged if you read articles on this sites. The world is under satan control. satan can destroy church buildings, pastors reputation and so on but it can’t destroy us as a living testimony, the living and real church.

    If you are leaving your church and turn your back against Jesus, trust me, sex, drugs, wealth and other things that the world offers can’t fill the emptinees of your heart that can only be filled with the unconditional love of Jesus Christ.

    For whoever setup this site, I want to say a big thank you that your site confirms that yes, there is money in Jesus name. there is God provision in un-certain circumstances. but only “if you are willing and obidient”. I will pray for you so that God will show Himself to you like He did to apostle Paul before he repented.

    Let me leave you with a poem.
    “To believe in Jesus, it costs you nothing.
    To follow Jesus, it costs you something.
    To become like Jesus, it costs you everything.”

    I praise God for giving Hillsong and other pentacostal churhes with the wisdom and ‘marketing’ knowledge. it shows that God can do more than what other corporate marketing can. Yes, non-believers get very jealous with this rapid and massive growth.

    Please pray for the people who claims that they were ‘kicked out’ from a church so that they can release their bitterness and move on, so that they will only come to Jesus for healing and restoration. Going public won’t heal any body.

    I wonder if any ‘churches’ that put Jesus as the central message every weeka but doesn’t grow, then something is really wrong.

    Keep praying for one another and God bless you all.

  7. Hi, I don´t know if u r crhistian or not, if u belive in jesus or not but,
    Who are you to judge??? this is god´s work, you´re nobody to judge
    I´m from Brazil and I saw your videos, and it reminded me that No one trows a stone in a tree that does not give fruits
    go take care of your life! – mathew 7:1,2

    • I am not the one judging. Brian Houston is condemned by his own words..
      and I am just repeating his words for all to see..

      When Brian tries to tell you the bible says “let the poor say I am rich” he is lying as no verse exists and he is saying anything to sell his book.

      “If any man preach any other gospel unto you than that ye have received, let him be accursed” (Galatians 1:9)

      “In their greed these teachers will exploit you with stories they have made up” 2 Pet 2:3 [NIV]

    • Hi Lorrane,

      I think the main issue here is not about judging, it’s about holding our Christian brothers and sisters accountable. Being critical of false teaching in the church is something that we are called to do by God. It is a vital act to keep the church focused on God above all else.

  8. Carol Mulenga Says:

    Pastor Brian can use information from any source as long as he is using it to the glory of God.

    Help him be a better Minister, by talkng with him showing him a way to go about things becz we are one anothers keeper. If you cant trust him with your soul then dont stay under his umbralla.

    Carol, Zambiaof God is a Kingdom of shearing, as a result stor Brian has the right to use information

  9. Prophet Tendai Says:

    Good work you are doing & may God bless you.

  10. Truth Writer Says:

    What bothers me is people don’t see the truth about what Brian Houston is preaching. Quote’ If you say you don’t need money that you already have enough. Then i say you have a very poor out look on life.: Hmm strange My bible teaches me the love of money is the ROOT of all evil. Jesus , Paul, Peter, They were never rich. Funny, how some of the poorest people on earth are the happiest and have seen God work more miracles in thier lives.The dependance is not on MONEY as MR Houston would say. They live on souly depending on God and NOT MONEY.Open yoru eyes people Brian Houston is spreading the Wrong Jesus that is preached in the bible. I have seen people give up everthing to serve GOD. Jesus even tells a Rich young ruller to give up all his possessions and serve him. That totaly contradicts what Brian Houston preaches.

  11. I had first hand experience of being part of Hillsong. I attended the church in london and as a person of 16 at the time it all seemed incredibly appealing. This was not my first experience of church, My whole family are christians. I found a friendship group, a new spiritual out look on life and for the first time I had found hope in humanity. This was not to last though. I gave extensive amounts of money to the church through purchasing bibles, books, CDs and tshirts (also not forgetting donations). All of this to feel more a part of what I thought was my family. I was a musician and was told I had a gift from God and that I should utilize that to help win others over to christ. the problems began as the years went on. I became more involved not just on a sunday but almost every day of the week. Soon I was working more then I was sleeping but I was being told that this was all for God. I finished college and soon after was following my dreams (like I had been taught). this started to take up more of my time so I started to drop some of my commitments with the church, as soon as I had done so suddenly I had fingers pointed at me. I was ‘backsliding’ and I was told to quit my dreams. If I frowned during a service or failed to smile then it looked bad on the others. I was now being told how to think and feel. The less time I spent at the church the more I was shunned by those that had called me their ‘family’. I soon found out people were talking about me behind my back. I felt judged and my relationship with God died. I finally found the courage to leave but it wasn’t easy. My heart felt broken and my soul felt crushed. I had put so much time, money and effort into the church, I was 100% committed, I gave my heart and soul only for it to be thrown back at me. I still feel nervous every time I pass the theatre where they hold their services. It’s safe to say I will never go back to that place nor will I ever support an organization that treats their members this way. I have not been the only one who has gone through these experiences. I have met others who have very similar stories.

  12. Mike Regan Says:

    I am not as concerned with poor souls joining these prosperity teaching churches of Satan, as I am concerned with other poor souls that are leaving the true church of God. To the truly committed Spirit filled child of God, (and also blind Freddy) it is as plain as a street sign that Brian Houstan is no more than a good actor who uses the name of God to satisfy his greed. This sin alone is enough to warrant eternity in hell because in a way, it is blasphemy of the Holy Spirit… think about it people. When one says God (or Holy Spirit) is saying something that He is not…. that is a form of blasphemy. But by teaching others also to follow his evil ways… well I shudder to think what terrible after life calamity God might hold ready for such a man.


    When I publicly complain of such people (for there are plenty of others you know… Hinn, Olsteene and the like) the reply is often…. “but Mike….many people of satan are being saved in the hillsong church” What can I say in answer to that, I am not God and therefore cannot see the hearts of men, but I do have to ask myself…WHAT ARE THEY BEING SAVED TO? I have seen first hand the video of Hinn and his cohorts smoking drugs, so don’t be fooled by good actors who can use words of angels to suck you in. If Hinn can do it….so can Huoston. Just my 2 penneth is all.

    Grace and peace…. Mike

    • Hey Mike i agree with was yoru saying totaly about Hillsong and i have a bad feeling about them plus the singer Darelene Z . Watch a video about the truth about rock and roll and you will find lots of stuff about them and have your eyes open big time . And as for HInn I think he is a fraud also . But if you got a link for that video I would love to show it to a friend who is a big time Hinn fan and would love to show him how fake and untruthful his is

  13. Mike Regan Says:

    Rob, hi.

    You touched a raw nerve of mine with rock and roll in churches. I am discusted at the sight of it. Young people go there more for the music than anything else. It reminds me of when Jesus over turned the money tables because they were using Gods house for making money. I wonder what Jesus would say now if He were to walk in on a church playing such tripe. Anyway, we are not here to listen to my griping all day…I dont have the liink for the Hinn drug thing because I downloaded it about 8 years ago now. You might wanna google it. The guy in the video that was shown to receive the bong from Hinn was as high as a kite… and later overdosed on herowin and died. I still have the video if I can find a way to get it to you. Am I allowed to leave my addy here?


      • Mike Regan Says:

        Thats the same video…thanks.

        I cant understand why people cant see through this holywood preaching that is structured to raise money. I mean they do sermons for goodness sake, purely on giving money. Do they really think Christians need suck preaching to entice them to give their money to God? Well maybe they do, if the money is NOT going to God.

        Spirit filled Christians should see right through these false preachers.


  14. Hi Mike I couldn’t agree more..I too don’t understand what people could possibly be looking for when they follow these money grubbing charlatans…

    Let alone some that claim to be filled with the spirit and are just bizarre..

    • Truth Writer Says:

      There is more about Brian Houston. Its not just about him there is more to his ministries. Its also his singer Darlene Zschech. She is also dangerious. She has said many wrong things also and realy sad. Please buy the video From E xMinistries, The video is calle ‘ The truth about rock and roll”. They get into deep about rock and roll and how the power of satan uses it and how it has crept into the church and how so called christian singers are encouraging secular singers

  15. Mike Regan Says:

    All these guys profess to be teachers sent by God, and anointed by the Holy Spirit to share the gospel with the people. Can somebody tell me where about in the Gospel it says to crow like a rooster and yelp like a dog in a bear trap and crawl around on the floor shaking and carrying on? This slaying in the spirit is going too far.I believe God gave me a gift to see the fake preachers. 15 years ago I was up early one morning and turned on the telle. There was this man Benny Hinn raving on about a whole lot of tripe, including how God will repay you $7000 for every $1000 you give to his cause. Etc all heard it before. I had not seen this man before, but he was not on 2 minutes before I knew he was a fake. A few years latter a friend was right into Hinn and all but worshipped him saying how many he is winning to the Lord. I told him that Hinn was fake and he was not impressed so I left it there. Now 10 years later my friend must have been blessed also to see that his idol Hinn was a fake. I respect him greatly, because it is not easy to admit you were following satan. The point I want to make is…IF you are blessed with the Holy Spirit you do NOT preach ANOTHER gospel. If it is not in the bible, then don’t make up your own scriptures. I used to be really concerned and heart broken by the many many people that Hinn and Brian Huston and the like are leading astray, but although I still care, I at the same time know that Jesus said He will never let His sheep get lost…so if people are flocking to these false teachers, then they are not belonging to Jesus’ flock… they belong to another. I will let you figure who that is. We who can see their evil they do, can hear our Masters voice and follow Him… those who follow prosperity gospel that breeds greed and gluttony, and rock and roll bands that dance to the devils beat DO NOT HEAR HIS VOICE. I say… cheer up all Gods people who have the gift of discernment to spot these greedy children of satan… and I don’t use that term lightly. I am sure that these people are the people Jesus sends away on the day of judgement. … “I dont know you”
    Be glad The Lord is with you friends….Mike

    • “It is God’s job to judge; it is the Holy Spirit’s job to convict; it is my job to love.” (quote: Billy Graham)

  16. Mike Regan Says:

    Its also our job as sincere Christians to expose the false teachers and prophets. It is funny how in all the history of the old and new testemants, there is only a fer prophets….but today we have thousands of them. Hmmmm. Besides…anyone know where Billy sent many of his converts? The catholic church. What a great man.

  17. Andy Hay Says:

    All this effort and accusations and abuse starts from one man getting a quote wrong and flies off into denouncing everything that is said and has been done by thousands of people. Surely what should be done is to pray that eyes will be opened to the truth and trust and allow God to do it. I am not making any comment on what is on here either for or against what people have said as I know there is a whole post in my eye so I have no right to point our splinters in others eyes and I will not judge as I don’t want to be judged but I have said a prayer that the hurting souls who have posted on here find peace and the love of God that passes understanding so the pain they still obviously feel from the rejection or hurts they have felt.
    Faith, Hope and Love and the greatest of these is Love, and I just hope that love will reach out correcting wrongs.
    I cannot believe that everyone associated with Hillsong is not a Christian or that all they teach is wrong but if it is then I pray that God will take it and make it of use to bring many to him and if it is only partly wrong then that he would correct the areas needing correcting and if it is mainly right then it would be seen that he is blessing it. I also pray that those opposing it will do so in the love of God our Father and seek to correct and build up rather than seek to destroy. Mostly I do pray that those feeling hurt by involvement Hillsong will be healed of this by our loving Father so they are able to live fully for him and be an active member of the family in a church right for them.

  18. When you choose not to forgive, you are harming yourself while preventing
    yourself from growing emotionally as well as spiritually. Spiritual healing is
    gaining its ground again and people want to learn more and understand more about
    this very primary method of healing. We must remember,
    however, the real source of death, as it is written in Romans 5:12:.

  19. Christianne Says:

    ‘Let the poor say I am rich’, that meant spiritually rich. The bible may not say those exact words, but you gotta read it by the context. There are a number of bible verses which can point to what pastor Houston is trying to say.

  20. Why can’t people see the ROOT CORE of HILL SONG is EVIL. From the teaching and preaching of Brian Houston and the singing of Hill song is wrong. They sing as the bible says “ANOTHER JESUS” How can Darlene Z praise ” STING” and call him a man close to GOD. When “Sting is a satanic worshiper. But as for Pointing False teachers, you ready your bible . Paul warns of some a church about some False Teachers and he even names them . And as for BILLY Graham. I like he preached the Gospel to all the world but I did not like he used People who tried to live a secular life and sing secular MUSIC ( AKA Michael W Smith, Amy Grant). I went to a Billy Graham Crusade and the kids were running and IDIOLIZING Michael W Smith and Amy Grant. Which my bible tell me not to have any IDOLS. Who ever things that Hill Song is promoting the truth really needs to seek God and repent . THEY ARE PROMOTING ANOTHER Jesus. Not the Jesus who died for our sins

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